Genius 3023

Specifically designed for use with LCMS instruments incorporating the Agilent Chip Cube system. The Genius 3023 Nitrogen Generator is Peak Scientific’s proven solution for customers requiring a source of nitrogen which is switchable between standard LCMS grade Nitrogen and the 10% Oxygen rich Nitrogen required for Chip Cube. The Genius 3023 combines two individual systems with separate Nitrogen outputs into a single compact unit, thus allowing two separate Mass Spectrometers to be supplied by the same Generator with independent control.

Genius 3023 Nitrogen Generator


2 x 32 L/min @ 6.9 bar / 1.13 CFM @ 100 psi

Min/ Max Operating Temperature

5ºC - 35ºC / 41ºF - 95ºF

Max Relative Humidity

80% - non condensing

Max Altitude

2000 Meters


< 0.01μm

Gas Outlets

2 x 1/4” BSP Female



Suspended Liquids


Noise Level

54 dB(A) @ 1m

Electrical Requirements

230v 50/60Hz 7.0A

Dimensions (cm/ ins) WxDxH

60 x 85 x 130.3 / 23.6 x 33.4 x 51.3