High-resolution 3D X-ray Microscopy


Our SKYSCAN 1272 can nondestructively visualize up to 209 Megapixel (14450x14450 pixels) virtual slices through objects, more than 2600 such slices after a single scan using a 16-megapixel camera in triple offset mode. Thanks to phase-contrast enhancement, object details as small as 0.35um can be detected.

The ability to move both the sample and large-format CCD camera as close as possible to the source substantially increases the measured intensity. That is why SKYSCAN 1272 scans up to 5 times faster compared to conventional systems with fixed camera position.

The SKYSCAN 1272 offers automatic selection of parameters with Genius-Mode. Magnification, energy, filter, exposure time and background corrections can all be optimized automatically with a single click.

Large format imaging is supported by multithreaded GPU-accelerated 3D-reconstruction and realistic visualization by surface and volume rendering. For high-speed requirements, InstaRecon®, the world’s fastest CT reconstruction software, accelerates 3D imaging up to 100 times compared to traditional algorithms.


  • Best resolution with 200 Megapixel (14450 x 14450 pixels) in every virtual slice through objects
  • Detect object details down to 0.4um thanks to phase-contrast enhancement
  • 20-100kV maintenance-free X-ray source for low cost of ownership
  • 6-position automatic filter changer for automatic energy selection
  • GPU-acceleration and InstaRecon® for fast 3D reconstructions
  • Maximum scanning diameter of-75mm, integrated micropositioning stage
  • 2D/3D image analysis, surface and volume rendering
  • Optional 16-position sample changer with auto adjustment of magnification and scanning protocol


X-ray source20-100kV,10W,<5µm spot size @ 4W
X-ray detector16Mp or 11Mp, 14-bit cooled CCD fiber-optically coupled to scintillator
Maximum object size75mm in diameter using offset scan (27mm in fast single scan)
Detail detectability0.35µm (16Mp) or 0.45um (11Mp) at highest magnification
Reconstructionsingle PC or cluster multithreaded CPU/GPU 3D reconstruction
Optional stagescooling, heating, compression / tension
Radiation safety<1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface