impact II

impact II

Get the full picture the first time

The new Impact II™ is the latest innovation in Bruker’s unique UHR-QqTOF (Ultra-High Resolution Qq-Time-Of-Flight) mass spectrometry product line with industry-leading > 50,000 Full-Sensitivity Resolution (FSR). It opens up enhanced analytical performance levels for all applications where trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices is a challenge — such as biomarker research, identification of impurities, or residue screening.

The impact II™ sets a new technology standard where industry leading performance values are all simultaneously available in a single acquisition at full sensitivity.

High Dynamic Range

Five orders of magnitude dynamic range achieved at UHPLC speeds from 50 GBit/sec sampling technology — definitive trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices.

Instant Expertise™
Intelligent self-optimizing MSMS routines for expert-caliber results first time.

Market Leading Sensitivity
One shot plug & playacquisition with market leading sensitivity ensuring qualitative and quantitative results in one LC run with fastest time-to-success

Your success with impact II

The only no-compromise full sensitivity and full resolution UHR-TOF on the market.

Outstanding Hardware Performance

  • Enhanced dynamic range
  • 50Gbit/sec data sampling technology
  • 10 bit ADC technology
  • New TOF with improved resolving power

Deepest insight into your sample

Instant Expertise Software™

  • IDAS™ - Intensity Dependent Acquisition Speed
  • RT²™ - Real Time Re-think
  • SmartFormula 3D™


Market Leading Sensitivity

  • Dual ion funnel
  • IonBooster Source
  • CaptiveSpray nanoBooster
  • New collision cell with broad mass transfer

Robust & Quantitative